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$elling out the midvalley

Dear Editor:

I can’t think of someone to better represent what the town of Ba$alt has become than Brian Dillard. There probably is no better candidate to accurately reflect the average citizen of Ba$alt 2008 ” someone who has lived there less than five years, who is intimately tied to the real e$tate club that has become North A$pen ” I mean Ba$alt ” who really has no idea how cool the town was before his type took over ” when Chaffin, Light, and Co. decided to irreparably change this unique mountain town at millennium’s end with completely inflated real e$tate prices and an inflated sense of self through member$hip in a privileged club. We can now thank Lipkin and Freed for carrying on their tradition.

Ba$alt probably has become the hub of Roaring Fork Valley $ellout and can now boast that it’s probably the home of the largest number of people getting rich by turning this valley into nothing but a big real e$tate club that $ells itself as inve$tment and a “mountain lifestyle””a lifestyle that it is really doing so much to wreck (or at least only make affordable to the rich and shameless). Brian Dillard, like so many in North A$pen (I mean New Ba$alt) and the real e$tate business, including his current wife (who arguably could be a political influence), rode in on the coattails of wealthy developer types to reap the benefits of the $ellout of Ba$alt”while living there for a very short time. How are people who live in an area for so short a time allowed to cash in by selling it beyond repair? It’s amazing how much being around big money creates a sense of entitlement.

I don’t pretend to know anything about the other newcomer candidates to Ba$alt’s town council election, nor pretend to even care too much. Leroy has done such a great job allowing developers to turn Ba$alt into Vail that I hardly even hang out there anymore. I’m sure Rick will carry Leroy’s torch, so more power to all of you. You have created a great bunch of inve$tment$ for the people who come and go every few years (while usually owning a place somewhere else), and those of us who used to actually call Ba$alt “home” have some great memories of what it used to be before any of you showed up.

If any of you follow us to the next Basalt, you will be shot.

David Johnson



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