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Elk hunter cited off McClain Flats

A female hunter is out more than $1,600 after she was cited Wednesday morning for shooting at an elk from McClain Flats Road near the Sunnyside Trail, sources said.

The elk was on a steep hillside above the road on the Stein Open Space Property owned by Pitkin County Open Space and Trails, according to a report from an open space ranger.

Pitkin County sheriff’s deputies received a call about the shooting from a driver on McClain Flats, said Deputy Jesse Steindler.

The call came in about 8:30 a.m., and the shooting occurred a quarter mile east of Trentaz Road near the popular Sunnyside Trail, which snakes up Red Mountain, according to Steindler and the report by Open Space Ranger John Armstrong.

The shooter, Brittainy Hunt, had a hunting license and thought she was allowed to hunt in the area, said Perry Will, area wildlife manager for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department. Will did not know Hunt’s hometown, though he said she is a Colorado resident.

She was issued a $1,637 ticket for hunting in a closed area, he said.

“She thought she was fine,” Will said. “She found out pretty soon she wasn’t. It’s a pretty expensive lesson.”

Armstrong, another open space ranger and the wildlife officer hiked up the hillside but found no evidence of a wounded or dead animal, according to Armstrong’s report.


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