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Elite Democrats live in bubble of hypocrisy

Dear Editor:

The wealthiest people in America support Obama and the Democrats. Seventy-five percent of the U.S. Forbes billionaires are Obama supporters. The elite, rich are Democrats. The Wall Street executives – whom the Democrat party demonize to the public – voted for Obama by a margin of 60 percent!

The wealthiest enclaves to live are the Hamptons, Beverly Hills, Cape Cod and Aspen – hardly Republican residential or vacation strongholds.

Billionaires overwhelmingly support Obama and the Democrats. This list of East Coast, Midwest and West Coast elites include major media, entertainment, hospitality, high-tech and finance executives and entrepreneurs.

Obama can host a $35,000-per-plate fundraiser and get no criticism, all while the poor live on entitlements such as subsidized housing, food stamps, public transportation, free health care and poor public schools. These wealthy Democrats – who insist on global warming – are flown in private jets and limousines! They dine in the finest restaurants and live in the safest neighborhoods!

This is certainly not the “Big Tent” the Democrats purport themselves to be!

Yet the elected Democrats boldly assert “class warfare,” citing the rich Republicans are the cause of the financial chaos in America. The masses buy into this rhetoric and create a polarized country. All the while the elite Democrats, high on the Aspen mountains, look down at the anarchy, removed from the fray with their money.

I would like to see these elites called out! And tasked with donating their money to the U.S. Treasury – not their foundations – where their money is put to good use.

James Hairston


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