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Eliminate this rule

Dear Editor:

The two-thirds rule is the only reason the budget was delayed this year. Democrats and the governor had agreed to a responsible budget mixing new revenues and spending cuts, but because Republican legislators disliked it, they used the two-thirds rule to delay a budget for nearly three months.

California is one of just three states with a two-thirds rule ” the others are Arkansas and Rhode Island. Even deeply conservative states like Utah and Texas do not have a two-thirds rule. The 47 states without a two-thirds rule do not have frequent tax increases.

Because of the two-thirds rule California has missed the budget deadline 13 times in the last 20 years.

Majority rule is a basic principle of American democracy. If it’s good enough for the Founding Fathers it’s good enough for California.

If voters do not like a budget the legislature passes by majority rule, then they can replace those legislators at the next election. They also can change it via a ballot referendum. Eliminating the two-thirds rule promotes responsible government, not runaway government.

Tim Harrington


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