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Elete electrolyte concentrate: Dynamite in a bottle

Paul Conrad

Rather than spend the Fourth of July weekend fighting traffic and crowds in Aspen, my girlfriend and I decided to go to someplace remote – Moab in summer. Somehow we ended up at the Fisher Towers trailhead at 2 p.m. on a hot, dry day in the desert.While filling all 12 of our Nalgenes and my new Camelbak, I remembered I had some “Elete electrolyte concentrate” that someone gave me during last October’s 24 Hours of Moab race. So I added some to my Camelbak.

We stretched, packed up my camera gear, and I took a swig of water from the Camelbak. Ewww, a little salty, I thought. Susan took a swig and spit it out. Maybe I added more concentrate than the directions call for … oh well.During the first quarter-mile, I started to feel more energetic. After a half-mile, sipping from the Camelbak every few minutes, I felt like running. I was also sweating like a … well, a lot. Susan was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the heat and suggested I keep going while she rested in the shade and took pictures. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and bolted, leaving a cloud of dust.

Continuing on at a fast clip, I kept sipping from my Camelbak. What the heck is this stuff? Did I accidentally add a ton of sugar to my pack? Is there some mysterious drug in the concoction? My energy level was through the roof and on its way to the moon.In 20 minutes, I saw the end of the trail. Stopped for a quick breather, looked around at all the geology and kept sipping on my Camelbak. Thought of Susan alone out in the middle of nowhere and decided to head back. Turned out she was having fun, walking around and taking pictures after a small nap. I lazed by Susan on a rock and took a little nap, but I wasn’t feeling that post-sugar “bonk” you get from so-called energy bars.

The Elete product reps told me it would give me extra energy and help me stay hydrated in the summer heat. But I hadn’t expected the zing I was feeling. Plus, there was no post-hike bonk or energy drain. Instead, I was refreshed. I drove straight back to Glenwood, feeling fine.The ingredients listed are “Sea water concentrate (with natural trace minerals), purified water, and potassium chloride.” They state on the side of the bottle “turns water into hydration, calories into energy, and helps prevent cramps.” Their website, http://www.eletewater.com, states you can also use it instead of salt for cooking, and still get the benefit of the electrolytes.I’m sold.

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