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Election-year red herrings

Dear Editor:

Has anyone noticed that Dick Gustafson’s entire campaign has been to attack my record as county commissioner? He has questioned my honesty, my accountability, my fiscal responsibility and my openness.

While I repudiate all of these election-year red herrings in the strongest of terms, the question I ask is: So what is your plan to ensure the quality of life for Eagle County over the next 10 years?

Dick, you seem to want to turn back the clock 20 years. You call for transparency, but in your own campaign remarks you’ve only offered criticism and haven’t offered any new ideas.

Do you have any vision beyond minimizing government? Do you wish to return control of the future of Eagle County to the developers, as you did 20 years ago when you approved more than 3,000 high-end units with no mitigation for affordable housing?

You say you won’t be beholden to special interests, but more than 50 percent of your campaign is backed by developers and large property owners. Explain that.

Do you plan to dismantle much of what we did over the past four years to improve our quality of life, all in the name of smaller government?

Do you want to sell the Priuses?

Do you want to stop the solar farm at the airport?

Do you want to return the county buildings to coal-generated electricity?

Do you want to stop the new recycling plant at the landfill?

Do you want to kill the $11 million CDOT-financed interchange in Edwards?

Do you want to reverse our no-smoking ordinance?

Do you want to stop my 2,100-acre open space free land exchange?

Do you want to restore ridgeline development?

Do you want to eliminate development density bonuses?

Do you want to lose 226 deed-restricted units at Stratton Flats to the free market?

Do you want to eliminate our landmark 80-acre zoning overlay on U.S. Forest Service land?

Do you want to reverse inclusionary housing?

Do you want to close down a bunch of preschools?

Do you want to eliminate our environmental building standards?

What do you plan to do?

The people of Eagle County should demand to know where Dick Gustafson’s intends to lead us! You should know the answers to the above questions before you choose Gustafson’s gimmicky election-year promise to lower your mill levy an average of $10 per month. (Yes, that’s the max he can promise you).

So, Dick, I ask again, what is your plan to ensure the quality of life for the citizens of Eagle County?

Peter Runyon

Eagle County commissioner


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