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Election thoughts

I’d like to share my views of the candidates after last week’s debates.

Though I felt that Chris Kelsey sounded good, I am concerned about his association with the largest residential development in Carbondale, River Valley Ranch. Many major decisions the town is likely to make will have an effect on his employer’s business. Further, I’m afraid that his view of Carbondale’s future includes far more development than the town can afford.

I was most impressed with Krista Paradise’s range of experience and her knowledge of our town. I appreciate her level-headed approach to the town’s current fiscal status and applaud her stand that we do not need to rush out to court whomever wants to develop here, but should pursue a long range plan to cultivate and develop local businesses.

I appreciate Russell Hedman’s methodical and rational approach to planning and managing Carbondale’s future growth. As his ideas are consistent with the town’s comprehensive plan, he will make an excellent trustee.

Finally, I was impressed with Scott Chaplin’s careful research and knowledge about the issues. He clearly has an appreciation for what Carbondale is, as well as a vision for how the town can retain that character, continue to grow, and be a place where working families can afford to live.

Marc Bruell


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