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Election issues

Dear Editor:(This letter was addressed to Michael Ford.)Well, here’s a karmic conundrum for you: The fact that the only accurate point you made is, yes, there should be an IQ test for voters (maybe presidents too). Of course the problem with that is then even fewer people would be able to vote (especially Bush supporters).As to my letters vs. yours, mine at least stated the short and honest truth. Whereas yours only contained certain information that really didn’t prove any point. And to think that I got my political knowledge from 9/11 is hysterical. I and even most people will agree that “Fahrenheit 9/11” is just a cartoon compared to the true reality.As for your comment about the “idiotic oil-for war theory,” honestly it might not be so idiotic, but the American public sure are meant to think so.And to think that you could give me advice on who to vote for as a leader who “will keep me and my family from appearing on a grisly Al-Jazeera video or a statistic on CNN.” Well, I’ll tell you one thing: I certainly won’t vote for a president who has got us into something he can’t get out of. I mean if you plan to invade a country you better plan a little further than the battle itself. And I most definitely won’t vote for a president who can’t even win an election without help of Florida and his little brother, Jeb.So here’s a little advice for you in the next 79 days when you go to vote: Think about voting for someone who can change this country back to its respected self, and you better vote for someone who can actually think 2-3 steps ahead, unlike our current leader who can only think one step at a time, (let alone think for himself … Oh wait he’s got Cheney to do it for him).So that is why I will cancel your vote for Bush with mine for Kerry, a man that only has to be more intelligent than Bush (which isn’t saying much). Even though we should all know by now that when a Bush baby is involved it isn’t who votes, but rather who counts the votes.Michael LilledalSnowmass Village

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