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Election hopefuls speak: Part 6 of 6

The seven candidates for two open Aspen City Council seats are Adam Frisch, Mick Ireland, Bert Myrin, Marcia Goshorn, Andy Israel, Keith Goode and Tom McCabe. This is part six in a six-part series with the candidates. (Read parts one, two, three, four and five at http://www.aspentimes.com.)

Today’s question: Ask yourself a question and respond.

Tom McCabe

Do you support a dress code for City Council?

Yes! Lycra should be prohibited at all council meetings.

Bert Myrin

Why are you running?

1. Put the community first and create trust in decisions made by City Council and city management.

2. Implement a long-term community vision of where we want to see Aspen in 15 to 30 years, including fiscal management that promotes saving over spending. The decisions we make today need to support that vision.

3. Make the land-use process more efficient through predictable rules zone by zone that everyone can rely on.

Aspen can be a community as well as a resort. There are many people speaking for Aspen, the resort; I’ll be your voice for Aspen, the community.

Andy Israel

Why are you running?

I feel the need to give something back to Aspen. I believe in public service. I want to be the catalyst for change. The communication between council and the voting public seems blocked, as is the communications between council and staff. I think I can help open the channels of communication.

Mick Ireland

Why are you running?

Aspen has been a wonderful life for me. I feel an obligation to share (with) the next generation of residents and visitors the beauty and spirit I found here. I believe I have the courage, experience and understanding to keep Aspen a place where mind, body and spirit thrive.

Marcia Goshorn

Do you think that it is possible to accomplish your goals?

I have seen this community come together in tough times and tragedies in the 39 years I have lived here and accomplish what many thought was impossible. It is possible if we can commit to work together and listen to each other to solve the problems and not hope they go away if we ignore them long enough.

Keith Goode

Why are you running?

I believe the service industry deserves a voice. We make up a huge part of this town. We have the ear of the tourist, the voice of the locals and the spirit of the youth.

Adam Frisch

What is the least enjoyable and most enjoyable aspects of serving the community by being on City Council?

The least enjoyable aspect ­— by far and away — is being away from my wife and two kids for most of the Mondays and Tuesdays over the last four years. Almost half of Felix’s life and a bit more than half of Quintessa’s have been since I joined the council in June of 2011. However, Katy and I are true believers that community service is a key value that we want to instill in Felix and Quintessa’s upbringing.

The most enjoyable aspect has been humbly learning from and about such a diverse community that we all call home. I have always believed that there are 6,000 reasons why people move here. While everyone desires the small-town vibe, I am always amazed about the individual stories and reasons people come and stay.


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