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Election Day in verse

Dear Editor:

Weathered voters lined in rain,

Lipstick masks concealing pain,

Left and right, converging feet,

March to sweep the political street,

Clutching hope, all votes are cast,

Uplifting hearts to change the past,

Redemption hour is close at hand,

Inspiring change across the land,

A revolution without a fight,

A dream revived, from dark to light,

Results are counted, the vote is clear,

Hope has triumphed in the face of fear,

Calm, deliberate, decent, gifted,

Obama wins, the world’s uplifted,

Tears of joy burst dams of sorrow,

A gushing promise of a new tomorrow,

Change has come, we all can feel it,

The country’s hurting, it’s time to heal it.

Bernie Boettcher


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