Election Day ’22, Sheriff’s candidates in their own words: Buglione, Day 4 | AspenTimes.com

Election Day ’22, Sheriff’s candidates in their own words: Buglione, Day 4

Michael Buglione
Michael Buglione Aspen Pitkin County Sheriff Candidate
Courtesy photo

With the Nov. 8 Election Day drawing closer and ballots being mailed out this week, The Aspen Times will be running a series of questions and answers from candidates seeking local office. This week, we are publishing answers from the two candidates in the race for Pitkin County sheriff — incumbent Joe DiSalvo and challenger Michael Buglione.

Today’s question: How can you keep and retain deputies and staff in such a difficult housing market?

We retain deputies and staff by offering them housing within the community they work in. With money not used to build a bigger jail, Pitkin County can buy pockets of housing in Aspen, Snowmass, Basalt and rural Pitkin County. This will allow deputies, including jailers and dispatchers to live where they work, become recognized, known and trusted. As sheriff, I do not want my staff’s housing to be tied to their jobs. So, if they are living in housing provided by the Sheriff’s Office, they must show that they are in the Aspen-Pitkin County Authority lottery to get into housing that is not tied to their job. This would lower the current high turnover rate, save taxpayers dollars on recruiting and training as well as fuel dollars for those deputies living as far as Rifle. The current sheriff had 12 years to address the housing issue, and he has not. 


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