Election Day ’22, Sheriff’s candidates in their own words: DiSalvo, Day 5 | AspenTimes.com

Election Day ’22, Sheriff’s candidates in their own words: DiSalvo, Day 5

Joe DiSalvo
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With the Nov. 8 Election Day drawing closer and ballots being mailed out this week, The Aspen Times will be running a series of questions and answers from candidates seeking local office. This week, we are publishing answers from the two candidates in the race for Pitkin County sheriff — incumbent Joe DiSalvo and challenger Michael Buglione.

Today’s question: In 2000, county voters repealed term limits for the sheriff, assessor and clerk and recorder. Twenty-two years later, do you still support unlimited terms for those three elected positions?

Term limits are inherently built-in via the election process. At any time, the electorate can end the term of an elected official with a popular vote, thus limiting his or her term. Term limits were recently brought to light in the Senate and the House, where members like the late Rep. John Dingell had served almost 60 years, and many other members of Congress have had terms over 25. Although I voted yes in 2020 to repeal term limits, I now believe there is a place for term limits. In Colorado, most offices are held to two, three, or four terms. I think that is a fair term for sheriff, clerk and assessor. Congress should be under the same rules and limit terms to 12 years to make room for new blood and different ideas.