Election Day ’22, Sheriff’s candidates in their own words: DiSalvo, Day 4 | AspenTimes.com

Election Day ’22, Sheriff’s candidates in their own words: DiSalvo, Day 4

Joe DiSalvo
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With the Nov. 8 Election Day drawing closer and ballots being mailed out this week, The Aspen Times will be running a series of questions and answers from candidates seeking local office. This week, we are publishing answers from the two candidates in the race for Pitkin County sheriff — incumbent Joe DiSalvo and challenger Michael Buglione.

Today’s question: How can you keep and retain deputies and staff in such a difficult housing market?

The employment market and the lack of employee housing is a challenge for all employers in Pitkin County. Every budget season, the commissioners, the county manager and I continue to provide creative ways to retain employees in an effort to offset the lack of up valley housing. The only way to retain employees is to somehow offset the commute from downvalley and the time away from their families. So, we offer better than competitive pay and benefits. We provide excellent health care at no cost to the deputy. Pitkin County has a 401k retirement program with a county contribution of 14% and availability to add more if the employee wishes. We provide each employee with a fitness wellness benefit to assure our employees remain physically fit. I believe our total compensation package is better than most. Each employee has eight weeks of paid leave to support a healthy work-life balance. A good compensation package could be the best tool I have to attract and retain employees.