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Election Commission submissions requested

Dear Editor:

As a member of the newly appointed Election Commission (EC) I am requesting that anyone with complaints relative to last May’s election to submit them in writing to either the City Clerk’s office or to us via e-mail at:

Ward Hauenstein at: ward.hauenstein@gmail.com

Bob Leatherman at: rdlnkp@juno.com

Kathryn Koch at: kathryn.koch@ci.aspen.co.us

Speaking unofficially for the EC we have set a deadline of May 8 to receive complaints about the last May election. We will review all submissions and act upon them as quickly as possible. Any reviews of the EC will be in open meetings that have been properly noticed to the public.

For those who had previously submitted complaints to the last EC please resubmit them. As a new member I have no surviving complaints submitted to the last EC, save the Zimet complaint. We are starting fresh and do not want to overlook anything.

Speaking for myself I represent the entire city of Aspen. I am not a representative of the left or right, Democrat or Republican. I am open to all and exclude nobody. I was appointed in part I believe because of my openness and willingness to hear from all with no preconceived position.

Elections are the forum to choose our leaders. Nothing should stand in the way of a fair and open election. Nobody should have a fear of reprisals for expressing their beliefs of wrongdoing or flaw in procedures as it relates to elections. If anyone feels they have been the subject of any form of reprisal for expressing their views please contact the EC or the district attorney’s office.

Ward Hauenstein


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