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Election 2005: The school board slate

Editor’s note: As part of its election coverage, The Aspen Times asked candidates for the three open seats on the Aspen School Board five questions. We will publish one response each day this week.Today’s question: “Why are you running for a seat on the Aspen School Board, and why should voters choose you over the other candidates?”Charla BelinskiI am running because I love kids and I love education. I have a degree in communication and education, and, as a writer and certified parent instructor, I am actively teaching parents throughout the valley and I am passionate about helping to raise healthy children. I feel very strongly that the key to a good education lies in the balance between rigorous academic programs, a challenging life skills component, and communication with parents and community members. Aspen schools are moving in a very positive direction and are among the best schools in the state. I would be honored to represent this outstanding community! Andrew KoleThree reasons stick out. 1) I like kids, and believe they need a voice. I can be a catalyst for their voice. 2) We have a good school system, but I believe it should be one of the BEST in the entire country, not just in Colorado. 3) When we brag about our high school, we seem to always talk first about Ex-Ed. Many think of Ex-Ed as the “cake.” As a board member I will work toward making Ex-Ed the icing on the “cake,” and the “cake” we brag about our math, English, science, and social studies departments.Voting for me should be based on the “mix” you desire for your School Board. If I may compare this board to a basketball team, I would suggest you wouldn’t want all centers or all point guards. You would want a mixture of players (board members) with different skills. My skill set includes: creativity, a tireless work ethic, excellent budgetary skills, being well-informed, brutally honesty, the ability to ask good questions, the willingness to ask tough questions, and fearless resiliency. Ernie FyrwaldI have lived in Aspen for 26 years and have been involved in many organizations such as the Rotary Club, Aspen Junior Hockey, Aspen Junior Golf, raising money for the ARC, Aspen Education Foundation, Aspen Chamber Resort, Snowmass Chamber Resort, Aspen Golf Course Advisory Board and others. I now feel I have the time, the energy and the desire to become involved in something very important to our community. I have been involved in many business ventures in Aspen, and feel I bring a strong knowledge of finances as well as an understanding of working with a staff in regard to policies, motivation and support.Bob LangleyI am running for the school board because I have a vested interest in the education of our children. I will have one child in each of the schools – elementary, middle and high – for the next half-dozen years. I care deeply about the formation of people, and schools can have a tremendous impact on how these “people in formation” view the world.Elizabeth ParkerI enjoy being involved with young people, and with the dynamics of learning and educating, and am passionate about ensuring that our students make the most of their opportunities for academic and personal growth while attending our schools. As an attorney and experienced board member (District Financial Advisory Board, COMPASS/ Aspen and Carbondale Community Schools, Middle School Accountability Committee, Roaring Fork Leadership), I have a strong understanding of governance and procedure and can provide a legal, analytical and innovative perspective that focuses on the big picture while still respecting the details. Through my involvement with the district and my seven years with the COMPASS board (two and a half years as president), I have become very familiar with how schools operate. Finally, as a parent of three children (ages 14, 13 and 11), and a longtime classroom volunteer in the elementary and middle schools, I have a deep and informed appreciation of teachers and staff, and the genuineness of the learning experience.

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