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Either way, it’s OK

When the sun set on the day of Tuesday, July 15, I for one was glad. Why was I glad? Because the voting for the Crystal River Marketplace has concluded, and with it all the discussion, if you can call it that, is over.

I will breathe a sigh of relief when I can open the newspaper and read something other than, “VOTE NO ON CRMP,” or “CRMP IS GOOD FOR `BONEDALE!” Personally, I am tired of all the childish, petty bickering that has gone on for a number of weeks.

And before anyone attacks me for not caring about this valley and its future, I have been a resident of this valley for 14 years and care for this place as much as anyone else that resides here.

I consider and always will consider this valley my home, and I do in fact care whether or not CRMP gets approved; but this isn’t the time for choosing sides in an editorial.

The fact of the matter is that the Carbondale and the whole valley are in a process of change, and whether we like it, we, as a collective community, should embrace that change. Obviously, either way the vote went, there will be a number of residents who are angry.

If CRMP is approved, the opposition will whine about the soul and personality of this place going straight down the tubes. If it gets rejected, then another developer will be back in a year with a new proposal, and the town will be exactly where it is now.

Carbondale is a small place; we can still maintain a level of control over what gets done here. If it was approved, then no, the soul and beauty of Carbondale will not be ruined … don’t worry. I don’t think a Bed, Bath and Beyond, or whatever, will be disastrous for the community. It might stimulate more positive growth, it might not; it’s just a chance that we, as a whole, will have to take.

So just take a moment to reflect on what is happening here. We can embrace the change, for better or worse, or we can think that voting one proposal down will be the end of our problems and we can stay a sheltered little community here in the Rockies. Globalization will get to us one way or another.

But I, for one, will be satisfied with the conclusion, because as I stated earlier, the arguing will be over and we can focus on something that probably should warrant more of our attention.

Shay Williams


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