Egos need counseling |

Egos need counseling

Watching the Snowmass Village Town Council meeting the night of Jan. 5, regarding the CRG initiative petition on GrassRoots TV ” I was amused and amazed by Mayor Manchester and several council members bemoaning democracy in progress and how they felt insulted.

I say, if you cannot listen to and handle the opposition’s heat, then resign from your hot seat. Or if you wish to serve out your terms, I suggest counseling to help you with your egos’ spoiled-brat, 2-year-old-like mentality.

Do you want to know why more opponents don’t show up at your staged horse-and-donkey show? If they work for the town, like ex-planner Carolyn, they will be canned. If they work for the Skico and oppose the present obese village plan, I hear through the grapevine of their fears of being fired.

To the committee Citizens for Responsible Growth, and all of those who sign the petition, thanks for having the courage to give the citizens a chance to vote on this very important issue.

Dan Kitchen