Eggings expose liberal hypocrisy |

Eggings expose liberal hypocrisy

Dear Editor:

Frieda Wallison, chair of Pitkin County GOP, continues to protect the identity of the first group of “caught” egg-throwing kids. And though people tell her that the parents should be called to task publicly, she continues to take the higher ground.

But she did share, with the many who’ve asked, the reaction of the few parents who did show up at the meeting arranged by the police.

Surveying the damage, one father expressed deep chagrin that the tone of political discourse among his friends and family had signaled to his son that “throwing egg” on opponents is appropriate behavior.

Pitkin County Democrats enjoy the rare situation of being an overwhelming majority. Americans have pushed hard for civil rights and respect and protection of all Americans regardless of color, creed, gender, etc. But in Aspen, protection of “creed” is gleefully and often maliciously violated.

Disparaging and slanderous remarks toward Republicans, their candidates and people of Christian or Catholic faith are not just acceptable, but applauded and repeated. Children growing up in many local households hear negative litanies directed toward the conservatives in our country, ignoring the lessons of history that demonstrate this kind of talk towards minorities generates groups like the Ku Klux Klan, skin heads and Nazism’s “Brown Shirts.”

In America we have always fought the natural tribal instincts of the majority to blame and attack a minority or those with power to bully an unpopular group. I am proud that our police and sheriff’s departments continue to try to enforce appropriate behavior.

But those adults who perpetuate the talk I hear constantly should re-read the platforms and slogans the Democratic Party supposedly stands for. You talk tolerance but routinely disparage and demean the beliefs of conservatives and Christians.

Staying silent when your proxies (children) continue to throw egg on the “representative of a different viewpoint” turns liberalism and your talk of equal rights into a lie.

Shellie Roy


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