Education in dire shape |

Education in dire shape

With regards to Mr. Talbott’s letter on the Re-2 mill levy overide, I would advise the voting public that our current federal and state administrations have us dealing with the worst funding situations in the history of public education.

I would encourage Mr. Talbott or any other constituent to talk to the financial director in the district to understand the horrible state of affairs we now face.

Having spent considerable time with the Re-1 finance guru Shannon Pelland, I came to understand the “perfect storm” the state amendments have created for public education, ratcheting down the available funds we need for teacher salaries, more teachers (less children per teacher can only be a benefit), and increased services.

It is widely acknowledged that teachers are grossly underpaid for the complex job they do and that a decent living wage is the least that we can do for the professionals who help mold our children and provide us with an educated next generation. I do not see a conflict of interest in allowing teachers to vote … after all, they’re someone’s parents too.

Denise Moss