Education for immigrants can help |

Education for immigrants can help

Dear Editor:

My name is Carlos Santacruz. I’m a sev­enth- grade student at Glenwood Springs Middle School. I live in Glenwood Springs. I’m bilingual, and I’m an immigrant. I’m a great student.

The other day I was watching the TV and I saw on the news a lot of immigrants who were dropping out of high school. They sometimes had to work for money, or they dropped out because they were born in Mexico, and school is hard for them.

I think that all of us need to have an edu­cation. I have a big brother ” his name is Bernardo Santacruz, and he goes to Glen­wood Springs High School. He wants to go to college, and he is trying to get a scholarship like other people.

It is hard for us to go to college because it is expensive, and because of the laws. Please help us change the laws to allow immigrants to go college for a fair price. With a better education, we can make the Earth a better place because education changes every­thing. Thank you for your attention. Please think about this, I believe we should have an education too.

Carlos Santacruz

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