Education begins and ends with the teacher |

Education begins and ends with the teacher

Dear Editor:At the risk of seeming ungrateful for John Colson’s article extolling the virtues of science kits (“Schools stoke interest in science with new kits,” Oct. 5), I have to make a couple of points (not contained in any science kit).1. While the first sentence may lead one to conclude that we had something to do with creating the kits, that job was completed (brilliantly) by a massive NSF-funded team of educators over a decade ago! We are just big fans.2. And this is critical – It is the TEACHER who inspires, amazes and awakens the joy of discovery in a student. Kits, beakers, circuits, capacitors, books, field trips – all are useful tools in the hands of a dedicated and passionate teacher, but that is what they are, arrows in his/her quiver.We are not “educational visionaries” – that is what teachers are. Inspiring kids is what they do, with or without kits.We are just happy to be part of supplying them with the first-rate tools they feel might be helpful in creating their magic.So to any teachers out there who felt slighted by the praise heaped on the kits, mea culpa – we get it. A brilliant deck of cards without a magician is, after all, just a deck of cardsTake it from a one-time (difficult) student who turned out OK:”It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert EinsteinTeachers, you know who does the heavy lifting. And so do we. Thank you for all you do (and enjoy your kits).In scientia veritas,Kevin P. WardAspen Science Center Aspen

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