Educate yourselves |

Educate yourselves

The comment in a recent letter that I am “Capitalizing on the selective frustrations, xenophobia and conspiracy theories of uneducated and likely illiterate Iraqis …” is blatant racial stereotyping and insulting to the nearly 10 million college-educated Iraqis who are quite capable of intelligent and critical thinking.

People who know nothing more about Iraq than what they’ve been told by the U.S. government and Fox News should refrain from commenting on the situation, since it just exposes their extreme ignorance and prejudice.

It seems the newest tactic to discredit me is to imply that there is some sinister motive behind my compassion for the Iraqi people. In an effort to prove that my concern for the Iraqis is false, the critics trot out all the old Baath Regime atrocity scenarios.

As if the killing of 30,000 innocent Iraqis, and maiming of many thousands more that occurred as a result of the war is any less terrible than the deaths that Saddam caused. Are 30,000 single graves less tragic than one mass grave?

In the eyes of the victims and their families, George W. Bush is just as much of a butcher as Saddam was. Sure, it eases your conscience to believe the Iraqis are better off now than they were under Saddam, but ignoring the truth in favor of some feel-good fantasy won’t change the fact that we’ve got an entire nation of people very pissed off at us, and for good reason.

Thousands are demonstrating daily against the occupation and the unbearable living conditions imposed on them by the war and lack of reconstruction. The American public is being sheltered from these scenes, lest we begin to think the Iraqis are not grateful for their “liberation.”

Those who think I’m exaggerating the seriousness of the situation should try reading some non-American newspapers for a change. For goodness sake, educate yourself before you open your mouth (or write a letter)!

Sue Gray


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