Educate the government |

Educate the government

Dear Editor:

The winds of emotion have embellished opinion and fact due to the manifestation of recent excesses of extravagant parties by the many failed financial institutions. Political rhetoric and hyperbole has become the bandwagon for bipartisan ignorance.

Consequentially we need to prevent the pendulum of logic from swinging to the other extreme.

Since the national government is looking to eliminate the benefit of resort educational conferences, our citizenry needs to establish a campaign to educate the government itself for the need to continue these programs due to its beneficial economic effects on our resort communities.

The tourism industry in this country employs millions of people from all demographics. These conferences have infused a continual stream of money into their local economies. At a time when the government is trying to create jobs and spending around the country, they are creating a risk of unintended consequences by eliminating the exact jobs they are trying to establish.

Last year the tourism industry lost 200,000 jobs, and the same is predicted for this year. About 15 million jobs would be affected by the slowdown or elimination of this educational tool, according to a recent comment by a tourism industry official.

These conferences are an opportunity for professionals to bring their families to a different, stimulating atmosphere to advance their education.

Some of these families continue to take additional vacations in these areas, or they even purchase second homes.

Great economic harm will come to our resort if the government eliminates the benefits of educational conferences; therefore we all need to be active and encourage our political representatives, friends and guests to maintain an ongoing effort to inform our Congress of the necessity for these programs.

LJ Erspamer


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