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Easy for Sturm to say

Dear Editor:

I take issue with Melanie Sturm’s piece “Think Again.” (every other Thursday, The Aspen Times.)

The facts remain that our country is experiencing a recession that’s taking time to shake off. While the stimulus package and President Bush’s Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) certainly didn’t boomerang our recovery back to levels seen in 2007, I certainly would hate to imagine where we would be as a country if our government hadn’t enacted a floor to our precipitous downtrend.

I have relatives who work for companies that received bailout money – they are extremely thankful the government didn’t let their employers fail. A move that allowed them to continue paying their mortgages and live the American Dream.

Yes, we need to address our deficit spending and our national debt. This is not a problem that suddenly occurred in the last three years; it started 10 years ago with the Bush administration. Where was the outrage then? Bush added $4 trillion to our national debt. A combination of two unnecessary wars and giant tax cuts for the wealthiest in our country need to be added back into the national discourse of our political leaders.

Ms. Sturm’s assertion that a government’s responsibility is not to protect citizens from a massive financial erosion is perhaps easier for her to rationalize. Having a father worth billions of dollars, mainly from banking, mind you, would cloud one’s ability to sympathize with a factory floor worker, who is making cars in the USA. Or a teacher who was able to keep teaching because the states were given education funding.

I’m quite frankly tired of reading Ms. Sturm’s privileged, dilettante, libertarian columns in your paper. Ms. Sturm should join her father and the Koch brothers for their semi-annual gathering of libertarian, tea-party funding idealists this week in Vail. That would be a story worth reading.

Scott Miller


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