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Earth Day every day

Aspen Times writer

Earth Day every day

Dear Editor:

We are writing in regards to Earth Day. We had a few ideas of what families that are sitting around wondering what to do for Earth Day can do. We came up with some ideas, and reasons why they are a good idea. Some of them have no reason because they’re just plain fun.

– Picking up trash in your neighborhood Ð too much trash will choke the animals if they think that it is food.

– Planting trees for looks because where there are no trees, there is no beauty. For shelter for little animals like squirrels and chipmunks, and for bears to climb. Planting trees will also help to provide air.

– Riding the RFTA bus. When you ride the RFTA bus you can stop polluting, the less pollution you put in the air, the less the ozone will suffer.

For the little children: Visit They have fun arts and crafts to do, such as making globes, bugs made of recycled things, and much more. This will entertain your kids for hours.

These are just a few simple ideas.

We ask you “What can you do to make the community better?”

Remember that we are in the largest mass extinction period in the history of the earth. So please do what you can to help the environment.

Rosemary and Taylor

7th graders at Aspen Country Day School