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Eagle hikes series of fees effective immediately

Pam Boyd
Eagle Valley Enterprise

Brush Creek Pavilion Fees

Type Current New

Deposit $500 $750

Non Profit Rental (Friday through Sunday) $100 $200

Eagle Resident (Friday-Sunday) $250 $500

Non Resident (Friday-Sunday) $400 $800

Non Resident/Non Profit (Friday-Sunday) $200 $400

Eagle Non Profit (Monday-Thursday) $50 $100

Eagle Resident (Monday-Thursday) $125 $250

Non Resident (Monday-Thursday) $175 $350

Non Resident Non Profit (Monday-Thursday) $100 $200

EAGLE — The town of Eagle’s municipal code provides for the imposition of 398 different kinds of fees — everything from building permits to special event liquor licenses.

And with the launch of the new year, 107 of those fees will take a jump.

According to Eagle Town Clerk Jenny Rakow, the town recently concluded a review of all its fees.

“The goal of the review was to determine if our fees were compatible with the service offered, addressed maintenance costs and were fiscally responsible,” she said. “Due to the economic downturn in the early 2000s, many fees were not adjusted or updated.”

The 2017 budget adopted by the Eagle Town Board includes the new proposed fee amounts — a $20,000 increase from last year for a total of $239,350. Rakow noted that even with the increases, the town’s fees are in the moderate to low range when compared to what other communities charge for similar services.

Now in effect

The Eagle Town Board on Tuesday enacted the new fee schedule in an emergency ordinance. The emergency provision means that the ordinance will take effect immediately rather than after 30 days, which is the customary delay after a new ordinance is approved.

The comprehensive list of fee changes is available online as part of the Jan. 10 town board packet published on the Eagle website — http://www.townofeagle.org. Many of the listed items are part of the building department operation and include everything from grading fees to plumbing permits.

While some of the fee increases will likely have little impact — the records search fee increase from $30 to $35 for example — others will likely hit a bit harder. The Brush Creek Pavilion rental fee is a prime example. The rental fees at the facility have been doubled across the board.

Maintenance costs rising

Eagle Town Manager John Schneiger noted that the Brush Creek Pavilion rental fees have remained the same since the facility opened 16 years ago. He added that even with the increase, rental costs for the building remain less expensive than similar pavilion facilities across the county.

“We understand that this is a big jump and that the pavilion gets booked quite a bit of the time,” said Eagle Mayor Anne McKibbin.

McKibbin said the town board extensively discussed the new fee structure.

“It’s (the new fee structure) part of trying to get things in line with what it takes for us to maintain it,” she said.

Rental fees at the Brush Creek Studio building also have doubled. The one caveat is for individuals and groups who booked the facilities prior to Tuesday night’s town board action. They will be charged the previous fee amounts.