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Dwayne " for the greater good

Dear Editor:

Perhaps it was the civic lessons at West Point? Or the experiences piled up while earning a Bronze Star during the Gulf War?

It probably was not his engineering degree, but most likely the MBA helped? All we know is that when Dwayne Romero took on the project manager position at Aspen Highlands, his leadership skill was instantly obvious and unique. Things changed. He brought a team together that was focused and united in a shared vision. He gave us each a voice in the decision making and lis­tened to our suggestions. He fostered a sense of ownership I hadn’t experienced before. It made me (all of us) more account­able. That’s his style.

We urge the city of Aspen electorate to vote for Dwayne Romero. We strongly we support his candidacy for City Council because we have experience with his proven leadership skill and his remarkable intellect.

We believe in his ability to work toward achievable solutions.

Dwayne moved here with his wife, Mar­garet, a decade ago. Since their arrival, the family has increased to include three daugh­ters, the oldest of whom is in first grade.

Clearly, the Romeros understand the chal­lenges shared by all young families in the val­ley. Both as a parent and an employer, Dwayne shares the frustrations many of us experience as a cost of doing business and living here. He also gets the reasons we all choose to do it and is vested in protecting those benefits. He sees the disadvantages of a polarized community every day, and he knows how to improve communication. He is interested in aiding the return of our city gov­ernment to civil dialogue and solution focus.

Frankly, we can’t imagine why he would even think about jumping into the fray, but we are also grateful that he is. There is no hidden agenda, no agenda at all other than to work on healing some of the factions that have become so entrenched ” by looking for common ground. Seriously, no hype or spin here ” Dwayne has the ability to use proven leadership skill to effect thoughtful progress toward shared goals. So often we are not as far apart as we might think, but fear of losing something we can’t even define puts us at odds and prevents action.

Dwayne can help us to build on what we share, instead of yelling about what we imagine we fear.

Dwayne will earn the respect of, and be able to work well with, each of his col­leagues; this we know for a fact. Not because he equivocates, but because he can identify core issues and stay focused on solutions at that level. For us, healthy com­munity means decisions are rooted in basic values rather than self interest or political cache. We believe strongly that Dwayne will represent the greater good as he helps our fractional society move toward inspired solutions. We urge you to vote for Dwayne for Aspen City Council.

Georgia and Andy Hanson


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