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Duroux epitomizes small-town character

Dear Editor:

A lot of people in Basalt use “preserve small town character” for defense of their point of view. Good for them, but there is only one person I can think of that truly exemplifies the “small town character” that we love so much. He is always at public gatherings helping to move tables and chairs, helping with crowd control, welcoming all, and sharing with everyone. I see him at kids events like our local plays, school events, athletic events; even helping out as a judge for the Rockies’ Skills Days for our young baseball players – and his kids are in or graduated from college!

Next time you see him, say hello and take a minute or two to talk about his perspective of small-town character from growing up to raising his family here – you might gain a new appreciation for our past, future, and individuals that make our “small town character” what it is.

Thank you, Leroy Duroux.

Brian F. Davies


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