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Dung tired of it

Dear Editor:

Seriously, people! How many letters have to be written and how many pleas made to the disgusting, irresponsible and selfish few that live in our valley who still refuse to pick up after their dogs? There are dog bags at every park, every trail and every homeowners association in this valley.

And even if they weren’t available, there is still no excuse for not picking up after your dog. For heaven’s sake – bring your own bag when you leave the house. There is simply no excuse. I would love to know what leads these people to believe that the rest of us don’t have a problem walking amongst their dog’s s—.

Every day I take my dog for a walk at any one of the parks, trails and closed roads in the valley from Basalt to Aspen. And every day, I come back with a minimum of two dog bags full of s— picking up after you people.

Have some respect for your neighbors, your community and this beautiful valley that we all live in. Pick up!

Laurie Rosedale



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