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Dump ‘Bernie Baloney’

Dear Editor:I am writing in support of electing Cheryl Koehne to replace Jack Hatfield for county commissioner. I am a property-owning resident with a family history starting more than 100 years ago in the Aspen/Snowmass area. I believe Jack Hatfield has done more damage to this valley than anyone in recent history and he should be sent packing, hopefully back to the East Coast from where he originally came. I believe Jack Hatfield is a paid-off political whore of the geriatric NIMBYs who have infested our towns.When you go to Aspen Highlands Village or Two Creeks and see how dead and vacant it is, you can blame Jack Hatfield. Because of Jack Hatfield, what could have been a compact, dense, vibrant village filled with families and younger people – with more retail and less expensive housing using denser but smaller units that people would actually live in or rent out – we have a sterile sprawling development of monster homes that are empty for most of the year, which I’m sure was Jack’s real motivation since he makes his living managing these monster homes. I also believe the main reason Jack Hatfield wants to “downsize” the proposed development at Base Village with it’s smaller denser units that will be rented out most of the time and would have no need for a service like Jack performs, is to eventually replace what’s proposed with another Two Creeks-type development of empty monster homes and multimillion-dollar condos filled with more decrepit old relics that would need more “caretakers” like Jack’s company provides.I for one am tired of going to Highlands Village and Two Creeks and thinking of what could have been. It’s time to dump “Bernie Baloney” before he does any more damage!Ron IbaraAspenEditor’s note: For the record, Jack Hatfield was not a county commissioner at the time Highlands Village was reviewed and approved by Pitkin County.

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