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Dumont robbed!

Joel StoningtonAspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN Went to check out the skiing superpipe a few nights ago. It was pretty sick. Saw some kids stomp the landings of big kickers. Felt pretty stoked about the big air.But then, later in the night, the judges screwed the entire crowd. If you weren’t there, you wouldn’t really know, but Simon Dumont got completely robbed.He was last after Tanner Hall bit it on the third run. I was right across from the monster air Hall got, when, suddenly, there was a crack loud enough for an M-80 when he totally wiped on top of the pipe. The whole crowd knew it was a major opening for Dumont as Hall lay there on the pipe and medic guys were called in to check him out. After Hall regained some balls, he skied on down to the bottom to watch.It was at that point Dumont threw down what had to be the sickest skiing run ever seen on superpipe. The crowd knew it. Dumont knew it. I knew it. We stood on top of the pipe waiting for the judges and knowing history had been made. It had been worth waiting in the cold. Then Dumont’s score came through at one point below Hall’s second run and the crowd went wild … wild with booing. It was a hose job. No question. While I was walking down the pipe, a guy behind me was like, “Dumont got robbed!” And his buddy was like, “His tricks were huge. That last run was sick. Did you see that monster 1080?”And the first guy was like, “I don’t know, dude. I was too wasted to see any of the tricks.”