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Dumb brokers?

You learn something new every day. I just learned that the requirements to be a dirt pimp broker in Colorado are 160 hours of courses any eighth-grader could figure out. You cannot simply take the test without those courses. My assumption is we would have far less brokers if they had to simply learn the material on their own. I called the director to explain I had passed my Series 7 securities exam on my own without any courses and felt that the real estate exam would be no problem either. He explained that that would not be possible. I told him considering the caliber of most real estate brokers I understood. Maybe they just need to make the test harder and not require the courses? Although, I have never heard of a University course you cannot test out of but maybe no one in real estate is smart enough to do that and that is the problem.

Buyers and sellers do not worry courses or no courses I will have my brokers license and you will get more intelligent service and not a want to be celebrity soon.

Kenneth G. Harper

Snowmass Village

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