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Dude, where’s my car?

Dear Editor:One week ago, on Thanksgiving morning, my dark green 1996 Saab 9000, license 277 MFR, was stolen in Basalt from in front of the library. It has a cracked driver’s-side headlight and a small dented rear passenger-side fender. It was stolen sometime after midnight, after the decision not to drink and drive was made.Not that losing ones transportation isn’t bad enough, but I only had liability insurance, so it’s a total loss for me. I also want to let everyone know that this valley has changed. Back in the day I didn’t know anyone who locked their car or home. Now, a holiday with friends isn’t a safety from the criminal element that has infested this place. It is sad for me to see!I am hoping that everyone who reads this letter will take a second to look around their neighborhood or parking lot for a green Saab that is normally not there, and call the police.Jeremy KowalisSnowmass Village

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