Ducks in a row help community |

Ducks in a row help community

Dear Editor:

As the annual fundraising Ducky Derby approaches, I’d like to take this opportune moment to say thank you, Rotary, for positively affecting my life and the lives of those around me. From international humanitarian causes to community youth and service organizations to college scholarships, the Aspen Rotary positively impacts the lives of thousands of people, including yours.

Let me introduce myself and explain how the Rotary Club has enriched my life and our community. I’m Ashley Fish, an Aspen Rotary scholarship recipient, an Aspen High School graduate and a sophomore at the Colorado School of Mines. As a result of the Rotary’s philanthropic philosophy, “service above self,” I am fortunate enough to have been awarded an Aspen Rotary Club scholarship. Part of the scholarship fund comes from the Rotary’s generous members and the other part comes from people like you who participate in the Ducky Derby each year by adopting ducks. Thank you to everyone who has adopted a duck!

The Aspen Rotary not only helps local students by giving scholarships, they strengthen community programs through funds raised by the Ducky Derby. Through volunteering their time to sell ducks, kids like me have had the opportunity to raise money and contribute to the programs that have been a positive influence in our lives. As a result, the funds raised by these kids are circulated back into the community programs for which they volunteered. Aspen Junior Golf and the Aspen Valley Ski club are clubs in which I participated, selling ducks and raising funds that have made a difference. I can’t say how thankful I am to have the Aspen Rotary Club contributing to our community.

Ashley Fish