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Drunken behavior not bus driver’s fault

Dear Editor:

What is this country coming to? It is very unfortunate that a young woman was killed this past winter. I, like many valley residents, have done my fair share of partying late at night and walking places for one reason or another. I usually walked on paths and found my way to a destination, often s—housed and in the early morning.

We all make poor choices now and then but most times live to learn from or regret them. Again, I state the unfortunate outcome of Jan. 1 and the loss of life.

But when will Americans, both old and young, start taking responsibility for their actions? Why is it if someone made a poor decision to walk on the road – with their back to traffic, in the dark, at 1 a.m., in black clothing, after drinking, and was struck by a bus – that another person thinks a lawsuit will make them any happier?

The loss of life in a total accident cannot be redeemed by monetary compensation. I feel it very unfortunate that a Roaring Fork Transportation Authority driver who is doing a job to transport New Year’s partygoers is now a defendant in a lawsuit because of another person’s poor choices.

Party responsibly, my fellow valley friends, and stay thirsty.

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John Norman


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