Drunk man shouts he’ll ‘open fire on everyone’ on Aspen pedestrian mall

Staff report

Aspen police arrested a man on the pedestrian mall near Wagner Park on Friday afternoon after he shouted threats and profanities at passersby.

Steven Zimmermann, in town from Dallas with his family, said the man was clearly intoxicated and was “making no sense.”

“Every other word was the F-word,” Zimmermann said.

The man was talking to himself and shouted toward teenagers and other young children, but when he said he’d “open fire on everyone here,” that’s when Zimmermann said his brother called the police.

Aspen police Officer Forrest Barnett said the man was pretty intoxicated, which turned out to violate some protection orders against him.

The man is being held in jail until he can see a judge, which will likely happen Monday, Barnett said. In addition to violating the protection orders, the man also was charged with disorderly conduct.


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