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Drugs not for children

Regarding the Children’s Health Symposium in Aspen in February:

For those of you that attended the recent conference on children’s health and would like more information, there are several books available at the Pitkin County Library.

I would strongly recommend that the school board, teachers and parents read “Reclaiming Our Children,” by Peter Breggin, M.D. After reading this book, they will probably not drug children with Ritalin.

Dr. Breggin has also written several other books, “Talking Back to Ritalin,” “Toxic Psychiatry” and, with David Cohen, Ph.D., co-authored “Your Drug May Be Your Problem.”

Ritalin has caused heart failure and death in children and interfered with normal growth. It can also cause teeth and gum problems because of lack of saliva in the mouth.

I strongly disagree with Dr. Murray Caplan’s opinion and presentation that children should take drugs for attention deficit. There is no scientific proof of attention deficit.

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Attention deficit usually occurs when people are tired, hungry, just not interested in the subject, or preoccupied with a problem. This is certainly not an illness.

Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard, and look at what he accomplished. Most children have too much energy to be expected to sit on a hard plastic chair in school and need to be more active.

Dr. Doris Rapp’s book, “Is This Your Child?”, is also available at the library. In her book, Dr. Rapp explains that allergies (e.g. pesticides) could be causing behavioral problems in children.

I was appalled to hear that there is a tradition of initiation or hazing in the Aspen school system when students advance to higher grades. If the school teachers and school board are not doing anything to stop this practice, perhaps the student council will be the leaders in eliminating the practice.

Margaret Crowdis

Aspen and Missouri

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