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Driving deliriously

Dear Editor:Close the door. Now is not the time to further enable the dysfunctional cycle of the gasoline economy. The daily pantomime of the up- and downvalley commuter delirium must be curbed.Instead of trying to meddle with the affairs of Aspen’s entrance, downvalley commuters must grow centralized functional economies, and if they must continue to sponge commute then they must use mass transit. It is time to create a united front against the hideous dysfunctional four-lane auto commute that is unnecessarily and psychotically devouring world resources.Let us implement new functional safe and pollution-free alternative forms of commute. Let us weigh the pros and cons of ignorantly driving daily for personal wealth because it is the norm. Is pride-grinding material strife worth ending possible evolution in your children’s future? Use two of the dysfunctional, short-sighted highway lanes for valleywide light rails. Enlightened commuters who ride the light rails busses or use some form of public or private mass transport will be rewarded with tax breaks or bonus incentives.People who must insist upon perpetuating the dysfunctional economy and commute using single cars will be punished and pay a daily fee at a gated entrance (unless they provide commercial food or product transport absolutely necessary to Aspen citizens). Do not perpetuate the dysfunction of this current corrupt and ridiculous system. We can exemplify a more intelligent, evolved process for the rest of the nation.William NobauerAspen