Driver’s pot-smoking shameful |

Driver’s pot-smoking shameful

Dear Editor:

Once again I’m back in Aspen, like I have with my family for the last 20 years or so.

After skiing with my wife, kids and grandkids on Feb. 15, 2011, we decided to walk the streets and do some shopping that evening.

Well, the first thing we all noticed was the strong smell of marihuana coming out of a private limousine vehicle with a young female on the driver’s seat. We later found out who this vehicle belonged to, and my wife called them and complained.

I know pot has been around Aspen forever, but as far as doing it in public? When families are around? Come on.

As for the limousine company, I hope that the passengers that your drivers drive around are aware that these drivers might be under the influence of drugs or something else, and the driver, shame on you.

Gene and Margie Watson


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