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Drinking the Hidden Gems Kool-Aid

Dear Editor:

It’s obvious that Paul Anderson and Becky of Redstone have been drinking Wilderness Workshop’s tainted Kool-Aid. The “study” that Paul referred to in Monday’s column was probably performed by the same group that is trying to turn half the state of Utah into Wilderness designation. News flash, Becky of Redstone, not everyone in this world thinks just like you do; welcome to America.

I can’t help but wonder where the Wilderness Workshop has been for the last 40 years. They claim to be a watchdog group for the White River National Forest, where was the opposition to the Aspen Skiing Co.’s expansion of Two Creek in Snowmass?

Oh, that’s right, the Skico (through its independent employee environmental foundation) is one of the major contributors to this campaign. I find it disturbing that the biggest exploiters of our national forests are supporting Hidden Gems. I’m sure the Skico has their own hidden agenda, probably something to do with their bottom line. Last month Wilderness Workshop said they had reached an agreement with the climbers over the grottos. This recreational climbing area has been there for decades. How did this area even end up on their maps?

It meets absolutely no criteria under the Wilderness Act that would allow this area to become Wilderness. I was glad to hear that the Redstone Caucus voted no to Hidden Gems as it is. That is just another victory for common sense and the tolerance of other user groups.

Wilderness Workshop should try their proposal in 10 years or so, after they successfully brainwash and manipulate our children’s thoughts in our local school systems. Maybe by then all the opposition to this proposal will be like many of its supporters, “too old to go there but want to preserve it for our children and grandchildren.”

Wake up people, preserve the right for your children and grandchildren to access their “public” lands and use them how they see fit. Dan was right: “Big money” ruins everything.

Joseph Hultquist


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