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‘Drinking Made Easy’ taps Aspen

Janet Urquhart
The Aspen Times
Aspen CO Colorado
HDNet/Courtesy photo

ASPEN – “Drinking Made Easy” sounds like an Aspen slogan, but the television show of the same name recently hit some of the town’s watering holes for a segment that will air March 14.

Host Zane Lamprey, previously with another drinking show (“Three Sheets”), and his sidekick/drinking buddy Steve McKenna spilled into town in December to imbibe at the Hotel Jerome’s J-Bar, the Aspen Brewing Co., Jimmy’s and other establishments.

The HDNet show apparently takes its mission seriously; a member of the crew reportedly hurled at the brewery.

Aspen is definitely among the smaller stops on Lamprey’s road trip, judging

from the show’s website, but the resort served up some presumably memorable concoctions. The website, DrinkingMadeEasy.com, profiles each of the show’s stops once episodes air, with information about the host bars, drink recipes and “fun facts” about the locales.

At the J-Bar, the featured drink was the Aspen Crud, a bourbon-spiked milkshake that dates back to the days of Prohibition and remains on the menu.

“It was a really fun experience,” bartender Ryan Sterling said. The J-Bar remained open during the taping, and its usual patrons had a front-row seat for the merriment.

Lamprey and McKenna also hit the Ajax Tavern to sample its Hot Drunken Pumpkin, downed a Dolce Caliente at Jimmy’s and gave the “beer slalom” a try at the Aspen Brewing Co. The gang also did a pub crawl through the Su Casa/Eric’s/Cigar Bar triumvirate and tipped a few at Zane’s Tavern – the name made it a must-stop for Lamprey, according to Samantha Birnbach, public relations coordinator for HDNet and former associate with Aspen Film.

“What they’re looking for is places that really highlight the character of the location – places that really speak to the authenticity of the town,” Birnbach said.

If the fact that it’s a Wednesday night in Aspen isn’t sufficient reason to hoist a glass come show time, at least some local stops on the “Drinking Made Easy” tour will celebrate the show’s airing.

Expect it to play on all of the J-Bar’s TV screens, Sterling said.

“We’ll do something special – not sure what it will be yet,” said Duncan Clauss, owner and manager at Aspen Brewing Co. “We were absolutely thrilled. We’ll definitely have a screening party.”

The Aspen show, which airs at 6 p.m. on March 14, is the 24th episode of the season, to be followed by a one-hour finale that features Aspen’s Escobar along with stops in San Diego and Los Angeles, according to Birnbach.

HDNet is available on DirecTV and Dish Network as well as on Comcast Channel 664 in Aspen.

Those watching at home should know fans engage in various drinking games, including one involving a monkey named Pleepleus (see the website for more).

Oh yeah, and please drink responsibly.