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Drilling is not the answer

Dear Editor:

I realize we all have freedom of choice in the U.S.; however, we do not need oil and gas drilling in Thompson Divide.

We need to keep the fresh water, abundant wildlife, good agriculture and recreation in the five counties that are involved. To some, this is just about money, but right now plenty is taken in from Thompson Divide area as well as lots of jobs for people. This area at this altitude is very pristine, and once it is lost, it will never be possible to regain.

Four to six wells in the Coal Basin area would be really bad for the historic Redstone community, and I do not want it for any of the areas in the Divide.

I am very proud of what Sen. Michael Bennet is saying in his bill and hope all will support him.

My father had a ranch in Kansas, and he never wouldhave put a gas well on his land. He knew money was not everything!

Pam Darnell


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