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Dress unbecoming of a golf pro

Dear Editor:

As a serious supporter of golf since even before my four years on the UCLA golf team, a long time ago, I was shocked to see the photograph of the Aspen Golf Club head pro, David DiMartino, in the Aspen Times on April 19. His attire, in blue jeans, was and is inappropriate for a P.G.A. professional at any time, in season or out.

Though I have not met Mr. DiMartino, I have heard a number of complaints about his “casualness.” If this photo demonstrates his approach to an honored profession, and the city’s acceptance of a less than first rate image, I am terribly disappointed.

Mr. DiMartino may be a nice guy and capable of representing the club, the community and the city. If so, he has a good deal of image work to do.

Phil Miller



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