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Dragged by RFTA

Dear Editor:

At 4:02 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 26, I tried to catch the Hunter Creek bus across Mill Street in front of Bentley’s. The driver didn’t see me hustling to catch the ride and pulled away. As I chased the bus down the block my coat became caught on the ski rack, and the bus dragged me running almost two blocks to the Cantina. It was all I could do to keep from losing my footing and being run over. My sunglasses fell off my face and were run over by the back tires.

Out of breath I called RFTA to report the incident. The operator told me I must “be stupid” to run after a bus I was trying to catch.

I rested and waited ’til the next round of the bus. At 4:26 I caught the same Hunter Creek bus and spoke quite excitedly to “Bob” the driver. “Bob” told me that it is not his job to watch behind him to make sure he isn’t dragging pedestrians down the street and told me sternly to “shut up and sit down.”

I called the police and reported the incident, and after investigating the officer told me there was “no criminal intent” so it was not a police matter.

Now riddle me this: Does that mean if I, as a vehicle operator, “accidentally” drag a pedestrian nearly two Aspen blocks I could just drive off without any worry of repercussions? It seems like a double standard. As an operator of a vehicle in such an incident I would probably be arrested for “hit and run” or at least cited. I doubt a warm “no criminal intent” would suffice for my hypothetical “victim.”

I do not mean to sound unappreciative. RFTA drivers put up with bad weather, large commercial vehicles, inattentive pedestrians and sometimes-impaired passengers. Also I greatly value that the Hunter Creek route is a free service. But does that excuse the actions of a driver for every incident? Are there no standards for civility? Can a person be labeled “stupid” for trying to catch a bus with an inattentive driver?

After sitting down and shutting up on that 4:26 bus another passenger told me I “was drunk.” Sweet little lady, I rarely drink alcohol. Mind your own business! Next time it might be you or another citizen being dragged under the bus. Aspen, beware!

Trenton Allan


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