Down with Amendment 32 |

Down with Amendment 32

Is Commissioner Shellie Roy’s interpretation of State Amendment 32 based on fact and truth, or merely a desire to increase taxes on homeowners so that the Pitkin County BOCC will have more money to spend if the amendment passes? Amendment 32 is a tax increase on homeowners – see Peter Blake in the Denver Post, 8/23/03, and many others.

Shellie says “… 32 may benefit communities in the valley …” but doesn’t say HOW! How does raising property taxes on homeowners benefit them? Roy said that “… an increase in home property taxes is not necessarily a bad thing …”

Try asking homeowners! Of course, it’s not a bad thing for the BOCC and state government – it gives them more money to spend, and they revel in that. It is about time they all learned to budget according to income, and then manage within that budget. They find it all too easy to propose expenditures and then raise taxes (by whatever ruse) to cover them.

If the commissioner thinks business taxes are too high (compared to what?) she should try California.

Question: Do homeowners get to write off their property taxes as “expenses”? Do businesses get to write off their property taxes as “expenses”?

Commissioner Roy, am I correct in relating that at a recent “TABOR 101” discussion by the Bell Group, the speaker suggested that if “Gallagher” and “TABOR” were overturned (which is Bell’s goal) it could very well open the door for cities and counties (BOCC!!) to initiate a personal County Income Tax similar to Federal and State? . and you should have seen the eyes of the commissioners in attendance light up, with accompanying smiles of anticipation!

Is this the same “Commissioner Shellie Roy [who] proposed the idea last week of seeking voter approval for a property tax mill levy to pay for health insurance premiums for county residents?” Come on, Shellie, knock off this “Socialism” garbage!

Let’s keep Gallagher and TABOR (Taxpayers Bill of Rights) intact, by continuing to insist on voter approval for all tax increase proposals.

VOTE NO on #32 and ANY Amendment which attempts to overturn TABOR and Gallagher, and force our government, city, county and state, to work within their already bloated budgets.

Peter Nicklin


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