Dowley for school board |

Dowley for school board

Dear Editor:

If you have not taken the chance to complete your local mail-in ballot, please take the time to do so today. One issue on the ballot is the election of two new members to serve on the Aspen school board. There are three individuals running for two positions. Of those candidates, Carmen Farr Dowley is the most qualified and has my full support.

I had the pleasure of working with Carmen on the balanced calendar issue. Throughout the process, her question was, “Does the data support or refute this possible change?” Carmen worked tirelessly on this issue. She reviewed data for the last five years comparing Aspen’s ACT scores and graduation rates with similar districts within the state. She spoke with members of the District Accountability Committee regarding their research on this issue. Additionally she reviewed nationwide studies to see if this change would benefit our community. The end result was that there was no proof it would better our children’s education. Further it would cost the district more money to implement. It is Carmen’s level of detailed research that will serve our community well.

The economic realities facing our school board are difficult. Cuts will have to be made. Our children deserve the most qualified individuals making these decisions. Carmen is an educator who has also worked the institutional sales desk for PaineWebber. Having both the necessary economic skills as well as the real-life experience of being an educator, Carmen understands how cuts will impact our children and their education. Carmen grew up in Aspen and is a product of our fine educational system. Carmen wants to see that our children have the same opportunities and educational experience that she was able to benefit from. Please vote for Carmen and ensure that our children have the most qualified and capable individuals making decisions that will impact their futures and eventually our own as well. Our children are our future leaders.

Janet Hoover


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