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Doug McCoy

Doug McCoy

Former Aspen resident Doug McCoy passed away Sunday, Sept. 3, at 69. McCoy was well known for his entrepreneurial endeavors. He will truly be missed by family and friends.

Doug owned the Return to Earth Health food store in Aspen, as well as the Parlour Car Restaurant. In addition, he owned a horse ranch in Old Snowmass and operated a spec home building business in the ’70s.

He was a pilot and was at one time the Aspen Airport manager. He restarted the Aspen Fourth of July parades, originally with no motorized vehicles, just horses and horse-drawn vehicles. He ran for County Commissioner but was defeated and involved himself in other community events such as horse racing in Aspen. Later, toward the end, he worked with the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office.

Those remaining are his ex-wife, Patricia, in California, his second wife, Susan McCoy of Redstone, three children – Chris McCoy, Sharon and Shawn – and was preceded in death by a fourth son, Brian McCoy.An announcement of Aspen memorial services will follow.

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