Double standard?

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

The political cartoon in the March 23 issue of The Aspen Times depicts Sheik Ahmed Yassin, founder and head of the terrorist group Hamas, being crucified in his wheel chair by missiles bearing Stars of David. How utterly unfair and obnoxious is the message delivered by this supposed cartoon!

Yes, Ahmed Yassin was a quadriplegic. He didn’t use his body to kill hundreds of innocent people, he used his warped brain and his mouth to lead easily duped followers to do his bidding. He convinced the vulnerable that martyrdom was at hand if they killed civilians, children, innocents, as well as themselves. He was a virulent opponent of peace and vowed to exterminate Israel. Well, maybe he finally achieved the martyrdom he sold so well to others. I doubt that.

There won’t be any dancing in the streets in Jerusalem. There won’t be any celebration of Yassin’s death. The Israelis find no joy in killing others, even their enemies. They simply have to be proactive in protecting their people. They simply want peace.

If our American forces kill the leaders of al-Qaeda, will you run a similar cartoon showing their crucifixions with missiles carrying the American flag? Or, is there a double standard for waging war on terrorism?

Ron Harris