Double Diamond will be missed |

Double Diamond will be missed

A friend recently sent a Times article reporting the imminent closure of the Double Diamond. A tragic event.

Leaving Aspen after a three-year stint from 1993-1996, I made one last trip to the DD to thank its owner for his superb management of one of the best music venues I had ever attended. Among the bands I enjoyed there were 311, Skankin’ Pickle, the Radiators, and Soulhat.

I have fond memories of the owner standing cross-armed and quiet in front of the stage during shows that attracted mosh pits, presumably to prevent people from stage diving, but mostly just to pick people off the floor who slipped during some of the more raucous dancing.

Like some of the rest of the suckers in the 9-to-5 workaday world, I now only make it back to Aspen once a year if I’m lucky. But each time I try to hit the Double Diamond for a show. No more, I guess. I will truly miss it.

Josh Goldberg