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dotComments: Two cent’s worth

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Writers of letters to the editor and columnists received plenty of feedback from online readers of The Aspen Times. Many, it seemed, were compelled to offer their proverbial two cents worth on the issues. Among the opinion pieces that drew feedback was the Aug. 10 Soapbox, a guest commentary decrying the ever-controversial living conditions for dogs at Krabloonik, the Snowmass Village dog-sledding operation. Among the comments posted by readers was this one: the best response to the mistreatment of animals, in this case the sled dogs at krabloonik, is to NOT patronize the establishment. you dont buy puppies from pet stores if you want to shut down puppy mills. you dont frequent the circus if you want to save elephants from abuse. the best way you can voice your dissapproval of the treatment of the sled dogs is by NOT GOING TO KRABLOONIK! tell your out of town guests what their money supports when they want to go there. if you feel strongly about this, the owner will get the message when he is affected financially.Aspen City Councilman Jack Johnsons Aug. 12 guest opinion piece, The controversy that doesnt have to be, also elicited comment, including this: On account of increased transparency, you probably cant see my one-finger salute. And also this: OK JJ, who wrote this letter for you? We all know that you can’t put two coherent sentences together, let alone a paragraph. And for the record, you didnt get your moneys worth! Su Lums Aug. 13 column, So, why is Marilyn Marks laughing?, also spurred response. There was this: Yes, there’s something decidedly suspicious and unwholesome about people who laugh a lot. Cant be trusted. But there’s nothing suspicious about Mayor Ireland apologists who write columns for the Aspen Times, and think the current City Council and city manager are wonderful and without blame. Su, your eyesight may be failing, but not nearly so much as your vision, when it comes to putting aside ideology and admitting that youve backed the wrong horse for the past several years. An Aug. 11 letter to the editor from Richard Goodwin, Another rush to war?, brought this reply: No Richard, but your recent letters seem to be a rush to ignorance. The Aug. 13 letter from Phil Kashnig, We can all take turns, regarding gridlock at Aspens S-curves exit, prompted this response: Phil, Apparently youre one of the thousands of folks that has either misplaced or, more likely, never bothered to read your drivers handbook. The folks in the through lane have ABSOLUTELY no obligation to take turns to let you in. Those drivers who have half an ounce of sense merge into the through lane in anticipation of the outside lane ending well before it actually does so, instead of racing up to the front of the left lane, past all of the patient, responsible drivers who are aware of the law. Yours is the typical attitude of entitlement that prevails on Aspen streets these days. By the way, you can download the Colorado Driver’s manual for free- may I suggest you do so- before you end up in an at-fault accident and ruin someones day. Addison Gardners Aug. 12 column, Were overdosing on Obama, prompted plenty of response, including this: Your wasting time linking Obama with Edwards. Nobody cares weather or not Edwards is a phony, or Obama is a phony either. Nobody cares weather Edwards cheated on his wife. Democrats expect their candidates to cheat on their wives. Goes with the territory. Its not a black mark at all. Question is can their candidate deliver the bacon. This is also known as doing the business of the American people. They are going to get votes because their voters want free stuff from Washington and thats what Obama and Edwards promise to deliver. This is the change that Obama brings to American politics: Take money from successful Americans and give it to unsuccessful Americans. Probably never heard of that tactic before. There was also this exerpt: You can bash Obama all you want but he is the only candidate talking about socking it to the oil companies that are raping this country and consumers while they are pocketing multimillion dollar paychecks. Its harder to find work in this country today than it was yesterday. The media aren’t the cause of that problem, Bush and his stooges are the cause.

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